NDRA Contact Info:
Kristin Heid
305 East St South
Elgin, ND 58533
1-866-579-3442 (fax)

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Dr. & Vet Releases need to be into the NDRA office within 7 days after the rodeo. You must notify the NDRA secretary or the rodeo secretary 2 hrs prior to rodeo time. If you turn out of a rodeo, you will be responsible to pay the fees you owe plus a $50 fine - unless your fees are paid before the end of the rodeo!

2013 Official Rulebook Changes

2012 Official Rulebook Changes

2011 Official Rulebook Changes
2010 Official Rulebook Changes

The up-to-date NDRA Rulebook is on the website under Membership Info. All rule changes since the 2005 Rulebook was printed are included here.





Updated 04/15/2014

The NDRA will be offering online entries this summer. You will be able to enter Friday at 12 pm MT until Monday at 8 pm MT. You will be able to click on a link on the NDRA website to enter. Make sure the forms are completely filled out, or they will not be accepted. List your buddies in the comments box. If you are entering your buddies, you must fill out a separate form for them and put your name in the comments box as a buddy. All emails will be time and date stamped so Central Entry will know when they are sent. Absolutely no late online entries will be accepted. It is a very basic form, you will not get a confirmation number, our advice is to print out the completed form in case it does get lost in cyberspace. Everyone is still required to call back on Tuesday from 3 to 8 pm MT.

NDRA Finals is named one of nation's top 100 events-click here for news article






NDRA Address:

North Dakota Rodeo Association
305 East St South
Elgin, ND 58533
Phone: 701-220-7361
Fax: 1-866-579-3442