2004 Tentative NDRA Rodeo Schedule

2014 NDRA Tentative Rodeo Schedule

NDRA Central Entry
3 - 8 p.m. MT
Most entries on Monday
Call backs on Tuesday

Central Entry Guidelines: Central Entry will only buddy a group of 4 people in 2 events! If you enter more people than that, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be kept together. Slack CANNOT be given as a first preference; performances must be filled first to the committee's satisfaction and if needed, slack will be filled. We make every effort to get you to the rodeos when you want to go, but cannot work around other rodeo association schedules ALL OF THE TIME! Our first priority is to our own rodeo committees. Call to enter on time and call back on time--I will wait around by the phone if the line has been busy through the posted hours, but please call within a reasonable time! There will be NO changes to entries after the posted call back times unless it is a workable situation. Team ropers need to know who they are roping with when entering--any discrepancies will be handled at Central Entry's discretion. The last call taken will be considered the official entry for that person/team.  If no second preference is given, it will be out and if the performance fills or there is no slack, you may be drawn out of the rodeo!

The NDRA will be offering online entries this summer. You will be able to enter Friday at 12 pm MT until Monday at 8 pm MT. You will be able to click on a link on the NDRA website to enter. Make sure the forms are completely filled out, or they will not be accepted. List your buddies in the comments box. If you are entering your buddies, you must fill out a separate form for them and put your name in the comments box as a buddy. All emails will be time and date stamped so Central Entry will know when they are sent. Absolutely no late online entries will be accepted. It is a very basic form, you will not get a confirmation number, our advice is to print out the completed form in case it does get lost in cyberspace. Everyone is still required to call back on Tuesday from 3 to 8 pm MT.

The NDRA instituted a $5.50 day money charge at the option of each rodeo committee.  Contestants pay $5.50 per event in addition to other fees and this amount is jackpotted for the performance/slack that the contestant is competing in.  $5 from each entry goes into the pot and is winner take all!  The other $.50 is retained by the rodeo secretary for handling the money. One day rodeos will not have day money.
Out-of-state members must compete in half of the NDRA first approved rodeos!    The NDRA has changed to a point system —points will be given for 8 places, regardless of payoff  (80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10). Points for 6 places will be given at the finals rodeo for each go round and average (80-70-60-50-40-30).
SDRA central entry; you can enter through the internet on Friday through Monday; phone entries are on Mondays. All call backs are on Tuesdays; click on link for further details! Midwest Rodeo Entry Services

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2014 Rodeo Schedule
****Only confirmed & approved rodeos are updated!****

*Rodeos with asterisk do not count for 2014 NDRA Points, but they are sanctioned with the NDRA & an NDRA member may enter these rodeos with their NDRA card.

§         June 6th & 7th --Medora NDRA Roughrider Rodeo, Medora , ND

§         June 7th & 8th --Elgin Saddle Club, Elgin, ND

§         June 14th & 15th -- Major James McLaughlin Rodeo, McLaughlin, SD*

§         June 21st & 22nd -- Wing Rodeo, Wing, ND

§         June 28th & 29th - - Beaver Valley Horse Club Rodeo, Strasburg, ND

§         June 29th -- Blaisdell Saddle Club, Blaisdell , ND

§         July 3rd & 4th -- 55th Annual Towner Rodeo, Towner, ND

§         July 6th -- Mountrail County NDRA Rodeo, Stanley, ND

§         July 12th -- McKenzie County Fair & Rodeo, Watford City, ND

§         July 11th, 12th & 13th -- Lemmon Boss Cowman Rodeo, Lemmon, SD*

         August 1st & 2nd -- Morton County Fair Rodeo, New Salem, ND

§         August 16th -- Grant Co Fair & Rodeo, Carson, ND

§         August 16th & 17th -- Bison Rodeo, Bison, SD*

§         August 24th -- Slope County Fair & Rodeo , Amidon , ND

§         September 26th, 27th, & 28th -- LRRA NDRA Shootout, Devils Lake, ND

§         October 17th & 18th -- NDRA Finals Rodeo